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Important information for families connected with children’s groups at Covent Garden Evangelical Church*, 2005-08


(*Covent Garden Evangelical Church later became part of Hope Community Church.)

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What sort of Church?

We are a very small local church which would like to be bigger! That means there is a warm welcome for anyone who wants to come along, whether you are a committed Christian or are simply curious to find out more. 

Our faith and worship is firmly rooted in the Bible, and is centred on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that this is history, not just a myth, and that Jesus has a vitally important message for people today and tomorrow, not just one that belongs to the past. So we want to share that message with you, and hear what you think.

We also want to be good neighbours, and so we get involved in different aspects of community life in the West End.

Our current members live in Covent Garden, Soho or Mayfair.​ The leaders of the church are Andrew Murray, our pastor, and Keith Holmes, our evangelist and pastoral worker. 

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Find out about the pastor Andrew Murray and the Evangelist Keith Holmes below

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