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Leadership Transition

Andrew Murray


Our pastor, Andrew Murray, is heading towards retirement. But we haven’t given up on our vision. The Lord has guided us through the pandemic period. We still have the desire and the opportunity to bring the gospel to our neighbours. With two church properties enabling workers to live in the area we believe the Lord intends gospel witness to continue here.


Are you the person we are looking for to lead us forward?

The place

'You mean, people actually live in the West End?’

Shopping, food, entertainment

The latest fashion, the newest restaurants, bars and nightclubs, theatreland, stars of stage and screen.

Business and construction

Workers and visitors in their thousands, 24/7 activity, piles of rubbish, street fouling, building site dust and noise

Residents in mixed communities 

Council flats, housing association blocks, private rentals, luxury apartments, primary schools, the Soho Society, Covent Garden Community Association

The person

The overseer is to be above reproach … he must have a good reputation with outsiders’ 1 Timothy 3:2

Michael Toogood 1936-2023
Church planter and initial pastor
We need ideas

We aim to fulfil the biblical priorities of ministry - new ‘methods’ will not be the key to spiritual or numerical growth. But we are open to any fresh applications of those priorities which respond appropriately to the time and place in which we live.

We need hard work

We currently have an evangelist, Keith Holmes, to work alongside you, with willingness but very limited strength among the handful of church members. Day to day, whatever it is that needs doing, you may well have to do it yourself! And you will be the one to ensure that plans are followed through.

We need commitment

Building relationships within the church and the community is vital, and demanding. It will take time! We want you to have an enthusiasm for the cause of Christ in the West End, along with a realistic understanding of the cost involved.

The policy

'The Son the head of the body, the church’  Colossians 1:18

It’s not our work

Our weakness is obvious. Reliance on the Lord is essential. We look to him to guide us and to sustain us in our life and witness. 


God has spoken

From a reformed baptist perspective, our aim is to remain faithful to the word of God and communicate it well in an area which prides itself on ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.


Fellowship in the gospel

We are blessed in our links with other believers from a range of organisations, and value working with them in different ways.



Imagine a growing church made up mostly of local converts … A church of all ages with a variety of backgrounds … A church which reaches out into its community … A church, above all, committed to following Jesus Christ wherever he leads.


It’s a church which could be anywhere! But we long to see it here in the very centre of London. And, at the moment, we fall a long way short. 


In particular, despite years of faithful witness by a number of leaders using a range of evangelistic approaches, local converts have been few and far between.

  • Located in the heart of London in Soho and Covent Garden

  • A very small church that wants to grow

  • Looking for someone to take on leadership within the next 1-3 years

  • Willing to wait for the right person, and support training if needed

Could it be you? Or someone you know?

For more info, click here

To explore further, please contact:

Andrew Murray (Hope) on 07342 041484


Andrew King (AGBC) on 07947 489480

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