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Believe it or not ...

'Everybody believes something. Discuss.'

That could set a few arguments going! Many people don't mind being identified with 'faith' in some way but others really resent the idea. What do you think? Faith can be a touchy subject. The old saying, 'Never talk about religion and politics', reflects the fact that once a conversation turns to faith it can become very heated. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We believe Christian faith is vital not just for us but for everybody. Of course, that raises a whole host of questions. What exactly must someone believe to be a Christian? Is Christian faith reasonable, or a blind leap into the dark? And how can it be so essential? In thinking about all this, there's also a challenge: what do I believe myself? Is my understanding of the world as strong as I thought?

You can pass on these questions - out of disinterest or dogmatism, perhaps, or just sensing a danger to be avoided. But if you are willing to consider them a bit more, here's an invitation to check out 'Believe It Or Not', a series of short videos which will be put on this website in the coming weeks. Come and see what you think!

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