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Our Best Offers this Christmas

Black Friday has been and gone, but the offers still keep coming. Sometimes you really can get a bargain. How about a home broadband deal to nearly halve the cost of your existing package, with the same company? Amazingly, that offer turned out to be real, with my provider! But as Which? pointed out, deals are not always what they’re cracked up to be.

Here are some deals that are worth paying attention to, though - the best offers you’ll get this Christmas!

Love. Joy. Peace. Hope.

Things we all need, even if we don't often stop to think about them.

If you're sceptical, I don't blame you. All these Christmas offers depend on one person. They're all wrapped up in a baby born at Bethlehem, a very long time ago. How can they possibly be trusted? Aren't they well past their 'sell by' date?

Christians don't think so. We’ve found them to be genuine. The offers don’t depend on religion, philosophy or keeping a set of rules but on faith in Jesus Christ that leads to a new way of life.

This Christmas, we'd like to tell you something about the love, joy, peace and hope that only Jesus Christ can give. And whoever you are, these offers are for you!

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